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TouchstoneEnergy is a leading business systems and IT consultancy dedicated to the oil and gas, renewable energy, mining and downstream trading industries.

TouchstoneEnergy are leading providers of world-class business systems dedicated to the global energy sector. We have software applications for every role in the enterprise, from Accounting and Finance to Procurement and Asset Management, Business Intelligence, Financial Planning and Business Process Management.

Our Team has more than 250 man years’ experience helping some 70 clients to improve their operational and financial efficiency for a broad range of uses.

Here at TouchstoneEnergy we firmly believe in acting smart, but keeping it simple. This is made possible by an exceptional team of skilled but practical individuals who have all ‘lived’ within the industry to ensure their experience is both current and relevant. This is undoubtedly why we are considered to be the partner of choice for our clients.

Spotlight on Reducing Spend in the Energy Industry

With the dramatic fall in the oil price and significant reductions in Government subsidies, it is more important than ever for the Energy Sector to control spend.

TouchstoneEnergy’s Spend Control and Spend Management system will allow those in the Energy Sector to reign in spend and reduce costs through better buying practices to ensure your business has complete control of your procurement processes. Download our latest brochure.

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