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Seven Energy adopts EnergyFlow for group wide time-writing and employee expenses with corporate credit card statement import.


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Timesheets & Employee Expenses

employee expensesTimesheets and employee expenses, once considered a rather dull finance activity, is now top of the agenda for cost recovery for any joint venture operator.

Timesheets Banner | TouchstoneEnergyTimesheets and Employee Expenses

With employees needing to record time against different joint venture activities while incurring out-of-pocket expenses, its not surprising that JV accountants and finance departments alike are under increased pressure to ensure that employees are accurately recording time for cost recovery purposes and not being overly enthusiastic when spending company money.

Key features and benefits:

  • Web based timesheet that can be completed from any location
  • Accurate time-writing against available list of projects / AFE’s
  • Configurable timesheet for hourly, daily, weekly or monthly time recording
  • Default cost and charge rates based on activity or project
  • Optional timesheet approval
  • Web based employee expenses that can be completed from any location
  • Default and calculated corporate expense rates for employee expense recovery
  • Option for Credit Card statement import, reconciliation and approval
  • Full online real-time analysis and reporting


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