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North African Upstream Oil & Gas operator implements EnergyFlow to control JV and non-JV AFE authorisation and help reduce budget overspend.


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Business Process Management for the Energy Sector

Business Process Management | TouchstoneEnergy

An organisation’s success is closely related to the efficiency of its everyday business processes.

Business Process Management Banner 2016Having the right workflows enables you to maximise efficiency across the mapping, modelling and management of your business processes.

Too many organisations rely on outdated, manual processes that impede productivity and effective decision-making.

In today’s increasingly complex global environment, it’s essential for any organisation to streamline its operations and help staff to focus more of their time on revenue-generating activities. A BPM solution that integrates with your enterprise applications can be used to execute repeatable processes in a consistent manner across the organisation – optimising resource efficiency, costs and productivity.

Deliver efficiency, control and compliance to many of the complex processes across your business

Our EnergyFlow Business Process Management Platform (BPM) delivers process design; automation; knowledge management; and analytic capabilities in a single package.

EnergyFlow allows organisations to streamline their operational processes by automating, executing, and monitoring business processes from beginning to end, with a simple, easy to use web interface. Integrated analytics also increases visibility by delivering extensive reporting capability to key business managers.

Processes designed and built using EnergyFlow typically extends the functionality of any ERP system. It overcomes many of the limitations of traditional enterprise systems by integrating existing business applications and does this by moving relevant information around the business, connecting people and processes together using a consistent and intuitive web interface that helps navigate and control the process flows.

Users can accurately follow structured steps to ensure both process and business run smoothly together. EnergyFlow allows organisations to pro-actively manage processes from beginning to end by improving the capture and delivery of information throughout the process journey. Our system provides the functionality needed to support complex collaborative processes, which extend across the value chain.

EnergyFlow – Key Features

  • Multi-lingual
  • Process development wizard
  • Process modelling with Microsoft Visio integration
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Audit-ready compliance and regulatory standards reporting
  • Secure access control to business critical information
  • Real-time business analytics
  • Central administration console
  • Document life-cycle controls
  • EnergyFlow mobile – access to business processes, track progress, initiate or delegate tasks on the move.

EnergyFlow Extended Business Solutions (EBS)

EnergyFlow’s Extended Business Solutions (EBS) provides an easy to use suite of applications which eliminates duplication of effort.

TouchstoneEnergy can supply an extensive range of pre-built business processes, which remain configurable and adaptable to each individual organisation. Please contact us to discuss the range of pre-built processes available. Download a Brochure



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