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ETL Agile is the best investment we ever made. It has helped transform the way we manage and report our management information whether that is G&A costs, Liftings' Analysis or actual against budget Production performance and analysis. Systems Accountant, Oryx Petroleum.


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Business Intelligence & Analytics


TouchstoneEnergy Business Intelligence & Reporting solutions

Business Intelligence Banner | TouchstoneEnergyETL Agile – Transforming data into management information

ETL Agile, TouchstoneEnergy’s data warehouse solution, is designed to unlock your data silos and provide a wealth of information. Whether the information is stored in SunSystems, PROACTIS or any other business system, using ETL Agile to warehouse and control the quality of your data and provide fast and reliable access to information is essential for any modern business.

  • Make better-informed decisions
  • Present data in the right format
  • To the right people
  • At the right time

ETL Agile quickly and reliably extracts, transforms and loads data from multiple business systems into a single analytical data warehouse. Using ETL Agile’s multi-dimensional cubes for easy access to your data, combined with a user friendly ‘point and click’ Business Intelligence tool, the solution delivers a wide range of P&L, Balance Sheet, departmental and performance based reporting with integrated dashboards, alerting and KPI functions.

For users who have the need to consolidate data from different business systems in a single report, but who also cope with the frustrations of preparing reports in spreadsheets, ETL Agile provides a cost-effective and simple way to build, maintain and support your BI platform.


The benefits at-a-glance

  • Fast and easily affordable to implement
  • Industry and application specific templates
  • Pre-built data-source adapters designed specifically for INFOR SunSystems and PROACTIS Procurement and a wide range of databases
  • Pre-built analytical cubes for finance and business verticals
  • Option to use any BI tool with our ETL Agile data warehouse
  • Little or no reliance on specialist IT skills
  • Integrates data from multiple business systems to provide a central view across the entire enterprise
  • Provides ‘one version of the truth’ by presenting consistent management information using common KPIs and metrics
  • Fast and reliable database performance
  • Improves data quality
  • Provides easy data administration

 The end to your spreadsheet frustrations

If the following questions are all too familiar, we have the right solution to address your needs:

  • Is your business too reliant on numerous, complicated and connected Excel spreadsheets?
  • Are you sure that your information is correct and complete?
  • Have you become too dependent on the Excel guru?
  • Would your spreadsheets pass compliance and risk tests?
  • Are spreadsheets the most secure way for distributing critical business information?

ETL Agile provides trustworthy data and the key to the successful delivery of BI and analytics strategy.

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