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Welcome Break to implement XMPro

Touchstone FMS Limited is pleased to announce the inception of a new project with an existing partner, Welcome Break who has chosen Touchstone FMS to implement the XMPro solution across the business. They are existing SunSystems v4 customers and felt confident to approach Touchstone FMS to enhance their current system given the strong client relationship.

Welcome Break is the now one of the largest independent motorway service operators in the UK and has led the revolution in changing the motorway service sector.

Welcome Break is looking to improve current processes and efficiency across the business and decided to choose XMPro as their preferred choice of solution as it will meet the needs of their system objectives.

The business currently use legacy software systems that dates back to 20 years old which helped them integrate their sites back to the head office. They decided that it was time to implement something that would update their systems and enhance where possible thus reducing current manual work.

Touchstone FMS Limited will be replacing existing functionality as well as enhancing their systems.

The aim is that 250 remote users will be able to generate postings that will ultimately update the Sun Financial Ledger. The XMPro offering will not only enable postings, but GRN, order and invoice matching, reporting and full auditability

The Potential Benefits after the implementation:

  • Improve efficiency and cost savings across the business
  • Plans to improve processes with XMPro implementation
  • Vastly reduce manual data manipulation and uploads previously done in Excel

Touchstone FMS Limited will work hand in hand with Welcome Break to ensure their project is delivered as expected and the solution provides the necessary benefits contributing to the business success.

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