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Touchstone AX business assets acquired by HSO Enterprise Solutions


Today, the business assets of Touchstone AX Limited (“Touchstone AX”) have been acquired by HSO Enterprise Solutions Limited (“HSO ESL”), the UK subsidiary of HSO, a Dutch-based Microsoft Dynamics AX specialist.

Over recent years, Touchstone’s AX unit has developed powerful solutions for a number of niche markets and won encouraging levels of new business. However, with AX projects becoming increasingly international in nature, the Group Board felt that the AX unit may be better served by being part of a larger and more internationally focused AX organisation.

The acquisition will therefore result in all Touchstone AX staff and customers being transferred to HSO ESL. Touchstone is pleased to have concluded matters with HSO, confident in the view that, as one of Microsoft’s largest and most successful international AX partners, HSO represent an ideal home for an extremely talented AX team and a loyal customer base.


About HSO

HSO is a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Dynamics AX industry specific add-ons and enhancements. Founded in 1987, HSO specialises in the sales, implementation, technical integration, business consultation and on-going support of Dynamics AX solutions for Customers in various industries and markets – in particular Wholesale Trade & Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing and Retail.

In 2010, HSO was recognised by Microsoft as “Distribution Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year” and “Microsoft Dynamics Reseller of the Year” for Western Europe. HSO has also been voted “the most customer-focused Microsoft Dynamics Partner for 2010”.

Headquartered in Holland, HSO employs more than 230 industry specific professionals worldwide, and in order to best serve the HSO Customers, HSO has subsidiaries in the UK, Germany, Italy, Benelux, France, North America and Malaysia.

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