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International Business Travel

Here’s a thought for those of you who are considering travelling on international business.

When you go on holiday, booking through those nice people at Thomas Cook, Thompson, Voyages Jules Verne, or whichever company you choose, they make all the arrangements. On landing at an exotic location, after a long flight, there is a smiling representative from the travel company waiting in arrivals to greet you, and point you in the direction of a coach or taxi to take you to the hotel.

Travelling on business, can feel more like being Ernest Shackleton. Only these days you are going out to explore with your wits, credit card and some local currency to get there and back. You could find yourself at Sheremetyevo Airport arrivals, being met by a pre-booked Russian taxi driver who speaks no English, and drives like a lunatic up the kerb and off the road to get into Moscow through the legendary traffic jams: or waiting for the last flight out of Aberdeen due to flight delays (and they are waiting to turn off the airport lights and go home): or up and 4:00am to get a taxi to London Heathrow, taking the 7:00am flight to Geneva, for a (very long) day trip, getting home that evening 18 hours later; international business travel is not for the faint hearted (or those of weak constitution).

At Touchstone Energy, we have a wealth of experience in international projects. Our team are experienced, resilient individuals, who take these challenges in their stride, as part of the successful project delivery.

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