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Financial Reporting | Infor Query and Analysis

Financial Reporting | TouchstoneEnergyInfor Query and Analysis reporting system (formerly known as Vision) is a unique suite of management reporting and business intelligence software.

Infor Query and Analysis | TouchstoneEnergyFinancial Reporting for the Energy Sector

Q&A provides management, financial and statutory reporting and analytics – all with drill down to transaction. Also included are scheduling and alerting capabilities.

Q&A can be accessed via the Touchstone (or any other) Cloud interface using any standard web browser. Q&A includes a dynamic connector that is embedded into Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Word, or using Q&A’s own powerful desktop interface.

Key features and benefits are:

  • Drilldown and cube analysis
  • Strategic analysis
  • Integrated business intelligence component
  • Query and Analysis XL and Client for Microsoft Office
  • Automate aspects of the reporting and scheduling process
  • Cloud or on premise installations
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