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EnergyFlow Collaborate | Process Modelling & Design

EnergyFlow Collaborate

EnergyFlow Collaborate is a cloud-based business modelling and process design platform

EnergyFlow Collaborate from TouchstoneEnergy, enables organisations to deliver enterprise change & transformation, connect strategy to execution, accelerate the pace of a digital business, improve operational performance and reuse and monetise intellectual property.

  • Using Collaborate, organisations can create, collect, publish, manage and reuse models, processes, documents, data, knowledge and methods that are crucial to any existing or new initiative.
  • Collaborate eliminates the traditional challenges of using separate process knowledge and document management, portal and office productivity tools. For example, Collaborate is able to create a model or process and capture contextual data and knowledge – ensuring that you do not need multiple repositories, applications or tools to store different sets of data related to the one initiative or project.
  • EnergyFlow Collaborate goes beyond adding structure and process by enabling users to add knowledge and publish to a portal that all stakeholders can access.
  • Our process design platform covers a range of activities where organisations require design, business process management, modelling and re-engineering of existing processes. Using Collaborate we map, model and apply stepped or incremental change and improvement.

By using Collaborate all levels of the organisation can come together with the right tools to create, use and share. Collaborate has a range of tools and capabilities to help you discover, define and deliver your initiative.

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