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Business Process Review

Business Process Review | TouchstoneEnergy

TouchstoneEnergy frequently recommends that our clients engage in a Business & Systems Review Process

During the initial stages of many software implementations, TouchstoneEnergy frequently recommends that our clients engage in a Business & Systems Review Process as one of the first key steps in the project.

The main objective of this process is to identify and manage any risk associated with the project and ensures maximum end-user satisfaction.

The review helps to define:

  •  Critical Success Factors (CSF) – defined as areas where an organisation must perform well in order to be successful
  •  Existing or potential problems within a particular region, department or process with identified solutions
  •  Benefits Realisation – identify the potential benefits that can be realised as part of the project and categorise them by solution, classification, stakeholder and timescale

Benefits to a Business Process Review

  • Reduce Risks: The Business Process Review, along with a Gap Analysis and the Project Plan, should clearly define the path needed to ensure a successful implementation. The Gap Analysis is used to evaluate each functional area in your business, project and business process that achieves a stated or specific goals. It includes identifying key data or components that fit within the business system and gaps that need solutions.
  • Smooth Implementations: The Business Process Review serves to broaden the base of support and enthusiasm for the new system by involving the company’s key personnel at the earliest possible opportunity in the project.
  • Increased Customer / End-user satisfaction: Since the end-users have a realistic expectation of the new system, their satisfaction with the system (and their adoption of it) is critical. We aim to ensure that we bring an even higher level of satisfaction where possible.


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