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Oryx Petroleum and many others have selected INFOR d/EPM to deliver their consolidated Corporate Performance Management and Reporting.


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Budgeting, Forecasting & Financial Planning

business chartINFOR d/EPM  | Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management

Budgeting, Forecasting & Financial Planning Banner 2016INFOR d/EPM enables companies to plan for new projects

Most organisations are looking to ensure alignment between their overall budget plans (strategic long term financial plans and forecasts) on one hand, and proposed and on-going projects, owned by various Lines of Business (LOB’s), on the other hand. Such alignment ensures agile planning with accurate, timely and relevant financial forecasts. Agility also ensures optimal use of corporate and financial resources. Decision making is typically based on actual performance compared with budget and prior year information.

INFOR d/EPM helps deliver corporate and project-focused budget planning and forecasts built using their analytical technology platform. It leverages a zero-footprint web interface and uses Microsoft Office based capabilities to provide a secure, scalable and dynamic planning environment. INFOR d/EPM integrates seamlessly with INFOR SunSystems – the accounting & ledger system to ensure accuracy between the finance and budget, forecast and planning applications. Whether users are preparing corporate budgets, departmental, AFE, G&G and G&A budgets, forecasts or any type of assumptions, INFOR d/EPM allows users to create scenario based models using different measures that will help with predictions.

Key Features:

  • Plan for new projects using driver based planning scenarios
  • Prioritise and approve investment in projects based on long-term goals and financial KPI’s
  • Forecast the financial implications of on-going investment in projects to help drive enhanced profits and stakeholder value
  • Ensure companies factor in the financial impacts of new projects with on-going projects before financial plans and forecasts are approved


INFOR d/EPM offers an integrated business intelligence platform

Users will have access to the latest reliable information they need to help drive the greatest value for your organisation. Senior managers will have instant access to reliable information making your business more competitive and enabling you to react faster and with complete confidence.

Key Features:

  • Financial and operational reporting with analysis
  • Graphical and charted data dashboards
  • Financial planning based on user defined assumptions
  • Unlimited number of budgets with version control
  • 3+9, 6+6, 9+3 or monthly rolling forecasts
  • Role-based analytics
  • Data mining with full drill down
  • Financial consolidation
  • Strategy management
  • Mobile App – for employees on the move
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